I need help with converting hourly data to daily summation inside a cell

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Dear all,
I have a cell that contains hourly data of precipitation for the period 1987-2016. I want to convert these hourly data to the daily sum. I tried doing this using timetable and then retime,
daily_precip = cellfun(@(x) table2timetable(x,'RowTime','date'), example, 'uniformoutput', false);
output = retime(daily_precip,'daily','sum');
but I got an error.
Error in @(x)table2timetable(x,'RowTime','date')
So how to convert my hourly data to the daily sum for all the three tables inside the cell?
I attached my cell (namely example).
Thank you

Accepted Answer

Yazan on 15 Aug 2021
Edited: Yazan on 15 Aug 2021
Note that the data type in the column date is char, not datetime. Try the following:
clc, clear
data = cell(size(example));
for ncell=1:length(example)
data{ncell} = timetable(datetime(example{ncell}.date, 'Format', 'dd-MMM-yyyy HH:mm:ss'), example{ncell}.precip);
daily_precip = cellfun(@(x) retime(x, 'daily', 'sum'), data, 'UniformOutput', false);

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