a wireless sensors network having N number of nodes each containing N number of nodes. I need to create a simulation for providing inputs and outputs for the sensors. The simulation includes the complete working of the sensor network

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mano haran
mano haran on 6 Feb 2011
I require a m file for the simulation of wireless sensor network
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Feb 2011
Are the sensors in fixed locations, sensing things that have nothing to do with the wireless spectrum, and merely happen to be interfaced by wireless means? Or are the sensors moving? Or are they fixed but they have to sense objects that are moving? Or is the point like radio tomography in which the wireless connection strengths themselves need to be sensed in order to detect objects? What kinds of rates do the sensors need to be instructed or polled at? Are some of the sensors out of direct contact with the control point and so the data needs to be forwarded through the network of sensors?
When you are asking someone to do your project for you, it is important to specify all the details or else you will end up with a program that does something a bit different than you want and you won't have any idea how to change it because you didn't do the work of figuring out the algorithms in the first place.

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