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editor multiple tabs

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maurizio on 15 Jun 2011
Commented: Nusrat Zaman on 4 Aug 2023
Hello everybody,
I am currently working with Matlab on two different machines. In one of these, all the opened m files are on different tabs in the same editor; in the other, every time I open a new m file, it shows up in a new editor. I would prefere much more the first option, but I can not find it in the preferences, and also the HELP does not help. Do you know where can I modify it?
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Jan on 15 Jun 2011
Which Matlab version and OS are you using? How do you "open a new m file"? From the command window per "edit", from the editor or by a double click in the Windows Explorer?

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Accepted Answer

Michael Katz
Michael Katz on 17 Jun 2011
Try docking the editors first. It's the south-east pointing arrow in the right of the menu bar. If Editor windows are undocked then new ones will open up undocked as well. You can dock together multiple Editors and then undock the whole group, so you could have the Editor in a separate window. It's a little tricky to set up, but once you do, new editors will open up in the (un)docked group.
Isabella Osetinsky-Tzidaki
Great! Thank you!
dpb on 5 Jul 2023
I guess it works; but wasn't this complicated in the past it doesn't seem...although given the age of the post it seems to have been an issue for a long time.
Why isn't "Use Tabs" simply a user preference in Settings??????

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More Answers (5)

Nnanyelugo Nwegbu
Nnanyelugo Nwegbu on 29 Aug 2019
I had the same problem. I resolved it by
> Undocking the editor
> Clicked on View Tab
> Clicked on drop down menu > Tabs position
Set the position you like from [Top, Bottom, Left, Right]. Mine was previously on "hide", so the reason I had the problem in the first place
Dock the editor
Alan Peters
Alan Peters on 6 Oct 2022
There is no dropdown menu under the view tab.
Nusrat Zaman
Nusrat Zaman on 4 Aug 2023
Thanks you so much!

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juan pf
juan pf on 26 Mar 2014
I am having the same problem in the 2012 version of Matlab and cannot dock all the mfiles together in one window. Do you have any idea how I do it?
Regards, Juan
tayyebe sh
tayyebe sh on 16 Jul 2015
salam , i had this problem . in first click on the little pointer in the upper right of the editor , then Click the little downward pointing triangle in a circle in the upper right of the window and select "Undoc" , then ctll+n and enjoy :)
GiWon Hong
GiWon Hong on 7 Jul 2017
thanks a lot.

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Stefan Bleeck
Stefan Bleeck on 7 Dec 2017
right click on the title of the m-file.

aref yel
aref yel on 12 Sep 2021
1- docked all file and view on the debuger
2- righclick on the panel editor and select undock
3- you can see a new window including those file
hint: dock the editor in the debuger and undock editor

Brady on 30 Apr 2023
You can modify the behavior of the editor by changing the desktop layout preferences. Here's how you can change the editor behavior to open all m-files on different tabs in the same editor:
  1. Go to the "Home" tab on the Matlab ribbon.
  2. Click on "Layout" and then select "Default Layout".
  3. In the "Default Layout" window, click on the "Editor/Debugger" tab.
  4. In the "Editor/Debugger" tab, select the "Editor" sub-tab.
  5. Under the "Editor" sub-tab, select the "Docked Desktop" option.
  6. Click "Apply" and then "OK" to save the changes.
After making these changes, all the opened m-files should now appear on different tabs in the same editor window. In order to learn more about this issue, you can also contact swot analysis writing services. I hope this helps!
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dpb on 5 Jul 2023
Nothing like a "Editor/Debugger" tab after step 2. (R2021b)
Why the XXX@3a;alkj!!! can't they just leave things alone that aren't broke???!!!! R2020b was just fine; no problem to set it as wanted...
Now if I dock the editor, then it uses tabs, but if I then undock the command window to move it out of the way/have in parallel, then the menu bar stays with the window. I suppose could get to where that seems ok, but why have to after 30 yrs of practice. Changing UIs all the time is NOT productive.

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