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type 2 fuzzy logic system toolboks

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aymen on 18 Jun 2011
Commented: dragan mlakic on 16 Oct 2016
Hy how i can download and insert the "interval type 2 fuzzy logic system" IT2FLS toolboks in matlab directory and use it in simulink application like the simple fuzzy, were i just type "fuzzy" in the command matlab viewer then it appeared for me.


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AK SAIOD on 31 Dec 2013
Hi, May someone can tell me how to path this IT2FLS in to Mathlab. For Type-1, like you type "Fuzzy" then you can get the interface. How I will get for Interval Type 2 for Fuzzy Logic? I already have downloaded from bottom link from Answer. Will appreciate to get any help. Thank you!
Barbara barbaracom
Barbara barbaracom on 3 Jun 2015
hi how i can use fuzzy logic type 2 IN matlab simulink
dragan mlakic
dragan mlakic on 16 Oct 2016
read the manual that you got with downloaded file.
good luck

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