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How do I setup Matlab Genetic Algorithms Constraints?

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I have problem on building the constraints matrices of genetic algorithms in Matlab. I want to import these matrices in GA function for a problem that has the following constraints:
a1<a2<<an , 0<ai<90, n=number of variables. Matlab's documentation didn't help me because it refers only to simple equations and not to this kind of constraints.
I'm new to GA and every help would be acceptable!

Answers (2)

Karthik  Vemireddy
Karthik Vemireddy on 28 Nov 2011
Hi Nikos,
even i have a similar issue, i have to define a variable constraint similar to a1<a2<a3 etc for my multiobj GA... Have you figured out how to do that?

Karthik  Vemireddy
Karthik Vemireddy on 2 Dec 2011
The solution for this query can be found in the documentation for Optimization tool box >> Writing Constraints >> Linear Inequality Constraints.


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