Problem 1305. Creation of 2D Sinc Surface

This Challenge is to efficiently create the Sombrero function of various sizes, resolutions, and frequencies.

Figure Example: Freq=1; XY_max_value=3; Num Rows / Cols 64

Create the 2-D array m(row,col)=sin(pi*R*freq)/(pi*R*freq) where R is the distance from the center of the array. The array is [nrc,nrc] with X(1,1)=Y(1,1)= - xymax and X(nrc,nrc)=Y(nrc,nrc)=xymax.

Input: [xymax,nrc,freq]

Output: [m] an array of size(nrc,nrc) representing the sin(x)/x function


Matlab provides excellent functions and array operators to readily create vectors and grids. [ linspace, meshgrid ]


Polar grid creation to produce Zernike surfaces

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