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January 2020 release notes

David on 21 Jan 2020 (Edited on 12 Feb 2020)
Latest activity Edit by David on 12 Feb 2020

The following is a list of updates and new features for MATLAB Central, including MATLAB Answers, File Exchange, Blogs, and Cody.

New Features

Profile search - A global community profile search has been added. The search field on community profile pages has been updated from a standard content search to a user profile search. This improvement makes it easier to find community members across all MATLAB Central. Previously one had to search the Answers contributors , File Exchange authors , and Cody players page when looking for a user profile.

Last seen - We have added a 'last seen' timestamp to community profiles which displays the date of a person's last visit to MATLAB Central. This can be a relevant bit of information and help determine how recent someone has been active in the community.

Answers pages design update - Answers Q&A pages have been updated to remove extra white space. This update includes smaller sized avatars, and position changes for the voting and content actions among other small changes. All these changes also help improve the mobile experience as well.

Original poster styles - Original poster styles have been introduced in Answers. When a question author participates in a Q&A thread their comments or answers will be styled with a blue background and left border so they're easily discernable from other contributors.

File Exchange data in monthly emails - File Exchange stats will be included in the monthly email we send to contributors who've participated in the community on any given month.

Trending content algorithm - The MATLAB Central home page trending content algorithm has been updated to look at content activity over a shorter period of time resulting in a more dynamic feed.

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