Toshiaki Takeuchi

John D'Errico strikes again, congratulations for your third nomination for Editor's Pick award for MATLAB Answers!

Toshiaki Takeuchi on 9 May 2023

Congratulations, @John D'Errico for winning the Editor's Pick badge awarded for MATLAB Answers, in recognition of your awesome solution in What to be chosen c so that all elements of matrix B will be a round number. B=A.c; where A is the matrix of non integers. The OP has not accepted his answer yet, but
As with other nominated answers, you provided detailed explanation with examples to show that what the OP is looking for may not be possible in some cases.
Unfortunately, you can only get this badge once - perhaps this raises a question about how this award should work. In any case, we nonetheles appreciate your ongoing effort to help other users in the community. Thnk you so much!
MATLAB Central Team

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