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MATLAB Central Community has a new API

Toshiaki Takeuchi on 19 May 2023 (Edited on 19 May 2023)
Latest activity Reply by Image Analyst on 22 May 2023

MATLAB Central has been great community-based MATLAB resources, but you can now access its content programmatically via the public API, and I created a MATLAB function to take advantage of that. You can learn more here https://api.mathworks.com/community
data = searchMATLABCentral("plotting",scope="matlab-answers",sort_order="created desc",created_after=datetime("2023-01-01"));
T = struct2table(data.items);
function results = searchMATLABCentral(query,options)
% SEARCGMATLABCENTRAL retrieves content of the MATLAB Central for a given
% query and returns the result as a struct.
% The function uses MathWorks RESTful API to search for content.
% The API is rate limited via IP throttling. No authentication is required.
% See API documentation for more details https://api.mathworks.com/community
% Input Arguments:
% query (string) - Required. The search query string.
% scope (string) - Optional. Specify the artifact. If not specified,
% the scope defaults to 'matlab-answers'.
% Other options include 'file-exchange','blogs','cody',
% 'community-highlights', and 'community-contests'.
% tags (string) - Optional. Specify a comma-separated list of tags.
% created_before (datetime) - Optional. Specify the last date in the results
% created_after (datetime) - Optional. Specify the first date in the results
% sort_order (string) - Optional. Speficy the order of the results.
% If not specified, it defaults to "relevance desc".
% Other options include 'created asc', 'created desc',
% 'updated asc','updated desc', 'relevance asc',
% and 'relevance desc'.
% page (integer) - Optional. Specify the page to retrieve.
% If the 'has_more' field in the result is positive,
% increment this argument to retrieve the next page.
% count (integer) - Optional. Specify the number of results as a value
% between 1 and 50; The default is 10.
% Output Arguments:
% results (struct) - Structure array containing the results of the search.
% validate input arguments
query string {mustBeNonzeroLengthText,mustBeTextScalar}
options.scope string {mustBeMember(options.scope,["matlab-answers", ...
"file-exchange","blogs","cody","community-highlights", ...
"community-contests"])} = "matlab-answers";
options.tags string {mustBeNonzeroLengthText,mustBeVector}
options.created_before (1,1) datetime
options.created_after (1,1) datetime
options.sort_order string {mustBeMember(options.sort_order,["created asc", ...
"created desc","updated asc","updated desc","relevance asc","relevance desc"])}
options.page double {mustBeInteger,mustBeGreaterThan(options.page,0)}
options.count double {mustBeInteger,mustBeInRange(options.count,1,50)}
% API URL and endpoint
url = "https://api.mathworks.com/community";
endpoint = "/v1/search";
% convert MATLAB datetime to the internet datetime format string
if isfield(options,"created_before")
options.created_before = string(options.created_before,"yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'Z'");
if isfield(options,"created_after")
options.created_after = string(options.created_after,"yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'Z'");
% convert optional inputs into a cell array of key-value pairs
keys = fieldnames(options);
vals = struct2cell(options);
params = [keys,vals].';
% call the API
results = webread(url+endpoint,"query",query,params{:});
catch ME
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 22 May 2023 (Edited on 22 May 2023)
I copied and pasted into a editor window and ran it. I get an error:
>> test1
File: test1.m Line: 121 Column: 19
Invalid expression. Check for missing multiplication operator, missing or unbalanced delimiters, or other syntax error.
To construct matrices, use brackets instead of parentheses.
The line of code is the "options.scope string" line of code. Test file is attached.
Martin Roempert
Martin Roempert on 22 May 2023
It seems you copy-pasted twice ... deletestarting with function in endfunction (line 86).
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 22 May 2023
Thanks (imagine sound of hand slapping forehead). Works now. Attached fixed version.

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