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Electric Vehicle Powered by BLDC Motor

version 1.0.1 (223 KB) by MathWorks Student Competitions Team
This submission contains a set of models to show the implementation of electric all-terrain vehicles powered by BLDC motor.


Updated 18 Mar 2021

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This submission contains a set of models to show the implementation of electric all-terrain vehicles powered by BLDC motor. The model is built for the student teams participating in the electric BAJA competition where the vehicle is driven by a BLDC motor. The teams can use this example as a reference to build their own vehicle models by changing the parameters and subsystems.

Learning Resources:
1. Motor Control: Watch this series to learn about brushless DC motor control. You’ll learn about the inner workings of a BLDC, and six-step commutation (trapezoidal control).

2. How to Design Motor Controllers Using Simscape Electrical: This video series will show you how you can model BLDC motors, investigate motor characteristics such as back-EMF voltage and torque, and design speed controllers using Simscape Electrical.

3. Physical Modeling Tutorial: These training materials will help your student competition team get started with modeling,
simulating, and analyzing automotive systems.

Please write to with any questions or suggestions.

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MathWorks Student Competitions Team (2021). Electric Vehicle Powered by BLDC Motor (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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PMR lab

I had changed the drive cycle in this model to NEDC and increased the battery voltage to 120V. And also changed the gear ratio in transmission to 1.3. But for this case the issue still remains. The phase voltages and currents are shooting above the limits. How do I go about fixing it?

Hi PMR Lab,

Thanks for pointing the issue. We have fixed the model. The major reason for the spike in the closed-loop model phase voltage was the PI gain values. The higher gain values were causing the spikes. We have also tuned the converter parameters to keep the voltage within the range. Please check out the updated model and feel free to reach out to us in case of any further issues. Also, feel free to reach out to us at

PMR lab

In this model, the phase voltages spikes above the battery voltage which is not right. How to fox that?

Nishant Singh

Harsh Kumar

Edgar Nagok Nahum

Edgar Nagok Nahum


Thanks for your comments. Please check out this MATLAB Answer, and try the accepted answer:
In case you are not able to open the model in previous version please reach out to us at

Subin Tandukar

I have 2018 version MATLAB installed. Could you please upload ones with 2018 version?

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