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Solution for systems of linear algebraic equations


version 8.8

by Giampiero Campa

Interactive app to study a given first order ODE


version 1.2.2

by Adam Danz

Group boxplots together along the x-axis with space between groups.

Design of boost converter based on maximum power point resistance for photovoltaic applications.

Many-featured, platform independent file and directory picker.


version 5.18.1

by Tom Davis

Draws lines with directional arrowheads.

This file contains the MATLAB code for generation of DSBSC signal.

A useful adaptive signal processing tool for multi-component signal separation, non-stationary signal processing.

Converts KML or KMZ files to a Matlab structure.

GUI to extract key parameters from the stress strain curve such as elastic modulus and yield strength

MATLAB function for plotting maps from OpenStreetMap and OpenSeaMap on the background of a figure

Computes the B-spline approximation from a set of coordinates. Supports periodicity and n-th order approximation.

Principal Component Analysis (PCA) on images in MATLAB (GUI)

Interactively draw the zoom area and axes for zoomed axes inlays. Check out the examples in the function to get started.

The function MVMD applies the Multivariate Variational Mode Decomposition (MVMD) algorithm to multivariate or multichannel data.

Computes the friction factor in pipes for given values of the Reynolds number (Re) and the relative roughness coefficient (epsilon).

Converts classical orbital elements ( Keplerian Elements ) to position and velocity elements in cartesian coordinates (Oxyz).


version 2.0.0

by Adam Danz

Converts GIF images to AVI (or MP4) video files.

Get a table of contour line coordinates from a contour object.

Buck converter critical inductance interactive tool assist user to determine the critical inductor value for buck converter design.

ELM with accuracy, sensitivity and specificity calculation

Computes sunrise and sunset times from any geographical location on Earth, and computes the geolocation from sunrise/sunset times.

Plot signal FFT norm and phase versus frequency and signal versus time. Customizable display, also return FFT data.

Simulates a Simulink model a number of times and records/plots the execution time.


version 1.2.1

by Rik

find for 3D or ND

This file is a modification of edfread; it is meant to overcome filesize limitations of the former.

plot pairwise relationships in matrix

Image Process

version 1.1.3

by Hassan

Easily resize multiple images and save it given directory

MATLAB code to replicate Washington Post's Coronavirus simulation

Generates global stiffness matrix from elements stiffness matrices in a fast way

J211 Compliant filter


by Meade

Calculate filter coefficients & filter signals in accordance with SAE-J211. -Phaseless -2 pole Butterworth IIR -Adjustable corner

Design and simulate your leaky integrate and fire (LIF) neuron network in only a few lines of code.

Displays a pop-up progress bar.

Roundtrip Time Computation

A function to create an animation of the GPS constellation and working principle (pedagogic purpose).

Reads the sheet names from Excel file for the given format :: .xls, .xlsm, .xlsx, .xltm, .xltx, .xltm

Feature fusion using Discriminant Correlation Analysis (DCA)

trading tool candlestick chart

Discrete Wigner-Ville Time Frequency Analysis

Loop-free code routine to find a maximal subset of linearly independent columns in a matrix


version 1.0.0

by J Chen

A function to generate CRC-16 (16-bit Cyclic Redundancy Check)

Transistor Switching Loss demonstrates transistor switching power loss due to the turn-on delay, rise, on, turn-off delay and fall time

num2strexact does exact conversion of number to string based on IEEE floating point bit pattern

Feature level fusion using Canonical Correlation Analysis (CCA)

Need to unplug ? -> Follow Trinity, deep into the rabbit hole ;-)


version 1.0.2

by Eric Dziekonski

Generate the code for a CSS/HTML-based data table from an input numeric, string, or cell array with many available formatting options.

Make MATLAB's jsonencode.m strings more readable

Identifies 2D vortices using Gamma 1 from Graftieaux


version 1.1.74

by Silas Henderson

Learn plot animation by writing a pong game

Makes a falling pile of random leaves in a box. Incorporate a drag law and compare with nature! Or save a still to hang on your wall!

FBI is developed to find global solutions of continuous non-linear functions with low computational effort and high accuracy.

Copies all external code files necessary to run a script into a subfolder.

Gui for visualizing A = U*S*V'

% This file simulates SIR model for the spread of infectious diseases

Damage Plasticity Model in 2D Problems


version 1.3

by Jean-Luc Dellis

ZFIT is a function which can PLOT, SIMULATE and FIT impedance data

Plots the Moody chart.

Minimal 'paint' function

Save struct and object variables as a JSON file

MATLAB code for rmsvalue_FFT.fig GUI Measure

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