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Write a function called spiral_diag_sum that takes an odd positive integer n as an input and computes the sum of all the elements in the two diagonals of the n-by-n spiral matrix.
%if you dont want recursion & want to use loops instead, make use of below code function sum = spiral_diag_sum(n) if n == 1 ...

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Hi; Can you help me to find fault in my code?
function [u1,u2,u3] = sort3(v) if v(1) <= v(2) && v(2) <= v(3); u1=v(1);u2=v(2);u3=v(3); elseif ...

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Is this working right
The question says to return them in 'non-decreasing' order. Your function is for decreasing order. function [u1,u2,u3] = sort3(...

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