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Assignment question based on excel file I/O
function distance = get_distance(city_1,city_2) persistent distt city_names; if isempty(distt) && isempty(city_names) ...

10 months ago | 1

Problems with coursera image blur matlab problem
function output = blur(img,w); [r,c]=size(img); output=ones(r,c); for ri=1:r for ci=1:c ...

10 months ago | 1

Echo generator problem - Coursera Introduction to Matlab Programming
function output = echo_gen(input, fs, delay, amp) delay_mat=zeros(round(delay*fs),1); % a col vector. echo_mat=([de...

10 months ago | 0

how to find the element which is greater than or equal to its row and smaller or equal to its column in a matrix
another approch function indices = saddle(Z) indices=[]; for r=1:size((Z),1) % going through Rows for c=...

10 months ago | 0