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how to give labels and title to all subplot one time
One may use FINDOBJ to locate all subplots/axes on a figure and then use a FOR loop to label/title all the subplots. For example...

10 years ago | 2

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Subbing into a constant function in symbolic toolbox
It does feel like a bug to me. I came up with a crude workaround/hack: syms x y f=3*y^2-2*y^3-3*x^2+6*x*y; fx=diff(f...

10 years ago | 0

Save Sym data per variable
One may use DIARY( <> ) to capture any output to the command...

11 years ago | 1

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equation solver - how to solve in matlab
Hi Duncan, You can perform basic curve fitting using the optimization routines available in MATLAB. Search for "Optimal Fi...

11 years ago | 1

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How can I remove all the paths for Toolboxes in MATLAB?
I have my own functions I created when I had only MATLAB and no other Toolboxes. Now with other Toolboxes installed, functions w...

11 years ago | 2 answers | 2




Does absolute intensity in an image matter when computing the normalized cross correlation with NORMXCORR2?
I have two different images of the same object which differ in overall intensity. I would like to know if this will affect the n...

11 years ago | 1 answer | 0