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I'm a freelance physicist, specializing in illumination optics. I am an experienced optical design expert, and I teach courses on illumination optics. For more:

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C++, MATLAB, Visual Basic
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English, German


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Matlab tool set for working with spectra, i.e. functions of wavelength (create, add, multiply, compute color coordinates and muc...

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What should be the distance between the two cameras?
With a stereo vision camera pair, intended to create pairs of images for 3D vision, the key quantity is the "stereo angle": The ...

1 month ago | 1

Extracting positive and negative element of a matrix?
Use logical indexing: A = rand(10,10, 10) - 0.5; % contains random numbers in [-0.5, 0.5] B = zeros(10, 10, 10); % prealloca...

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AUC between different size curves
I would use interp1 to interpolate both functions so they have the same high resolution x support. You can easily replace the 0....

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angular data spline interpolation
Your x has five values, your y has seven values. This is a mismatch. I think you should use y = [0 1 0 -1 0; 1 0 -...

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Using fprintf to save a matrix changes the order of my matrix
Your matrix does not change. You are outputting the values in your matrix, six numbers per line, as it is stored internally. And...

4 months ago | 0

Extract variables from a text data and add them to an array to plot a graph
Inspired by Your example input is attached as SomeNameValu...

5 months ago | 0

Extract data between thresholds
I believe logical indexing and the diff function are what you need. % create and plot something like your data x = 0:300; % so...

6 months ago | 0

Importing 3 spectrum data, plot representative spectrum for each sample all in same figure
It's hard to reproduce what you did without the jpeg files. But, maybe hold on is what you need: figure(); plot([1 2],[1 2])...

6 months ago | 0

clear a MATLAB function after an episode
Assuming your function has the name f, you can use clear f; to clear persistent variables within f. Like here: function f() ...

6 months ago | 0

How to add a little white space around the figures by using "print" command?
A simple plot as an example: figure() plot([1 2], [1 2]); set(gcf,'position',[400, 200, 560, 315],'PaperOrientation', 'landsc...

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Finding position of value in an array
clear all; close all; clc; y = [-3.2628 -2.4774 -1.6920 -0.9066 -0.1212 0.6642 1.4496 2.2350 3.0204]; x=-2...

6 months ago | 1

Creating a function with equation as an input
Your "equation" seems to be a function depending on p, p1, q, q1. I would use an anonymous function to model this behavior. An...

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