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M.Sc in E.E. - Thesis on "The importance of Phase in Image Processing". B.Sc in E.E. ( Image&signal processing, computer networks, communication systems), Professional Interests: Video/Image/Signal processing, Computer Vision tasks: Tracking & Detection. Machine Learning. See my functions:


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Seems like a bug in Matlab R2015a "sort" routine
a =[24 9 27 14; 1 40 9 33; 17 16 31 35]; [aSort, iSort] = sort(a, 2, 'descend'); % Those sh...

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Is it possible to maximize, minimize or get the state of my figure programmatically in MATLAB?
Hi there. Try my function < Minimize/m...

7 years ago | 0

How to do training in matlab using SVM?
Good evening Anna. Allow me to add my humble opinion. To train and SVM , you need a series of positive and negative exampl...

7 years ago | 0

hello i need display 197 image in matlab
Hi there. When I had to review multiple images at once I've concatenated then into a mosaic/tile. You can try <http://www.mathw...

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feature extraction using Local Line Binary Patterm
Hi. You can try my lineLBP implementation:

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Hi,I want to reduce the LBP features using PCA,any code related to this...Please help me.
Hi. You will have to understand PCA in general, and relevant Matlab functions. See relevant documentation: http://www.mathworks...

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How to combine two features HOG and LBP to get better accuracy?
Hi there. I've worked on a project where we have combined multiple features to achieve best detection. HOG and LBP were some of...

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Can you please tell me how to divided image into 30 blocks and obtained histogram of each block using LBP algorithm.
From my experience, an efficient way to to so is to calculate LBP image of the image, and then apply histogram function via "blo...

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i computed LBP histogram for two images in matlab, what method used to compare the LBP histograms?
Hi there. The question is how to compare two histograms. In other words you want to find their similarity/dissimilarity measure...

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Local Binary Pattern(LBP)
You can try one of the following LBP implementations:

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What is the difference between IMWARP and IMTRANSFORM?
Hi Alex. Very interesting answer, I was pretty confused by seeing a few commands doing virtually the same. A few questions ar...

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The "Did you mean..." routine
Having asked the same question I find those functions promising:

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Preserving Audio stream of a Video file.
working with video and image processing, and posting functions I consider useful on Matlab File Exchange. I’m usually concerned ...

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