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Very Fast Azimuthal Profile
Computes average intensity depending on the direction. No "for loop"s are involved.

8 months ago | 5 downloads |

Radial averaging of 2-d tif image
Using accumarray is indeed so much faster! function [Tics,Average]=radial_profile(data,radial_step) %main axii cpecified: x=(...

8 months ago | 0

How to plot the radial profile of a 2D image
Accumarray function allows to build both radial profiler (like this one:

8 months ago | 0

How to plot radial profile of a diffraction pattern?
Better use accumarray based profiling! it is much much faster:

8 months ago | 0

fft and radial profile of an image
Sergey Loginov (2021). Very Fast Radial Profile (

8 months ago | 0


Very Fast Radial Profile
Radial profile of an image without a "for loop". At size 2048x1792 it works 50 times faster than prevalent "for loop" variants

8 months ago | 9 downloads |

Radial average of 2D matrix
This is very sad! For many years people ask this question and get the same for loop answer. The code below works 50 times fast...

8 months ago | 2