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Souradeep Mukhopadhyay is currently studying in Jadavpur University CSE UG 2. He is interested at Machine Learning, Image and video Processing, Optimization and Steganography. He is KVPY SX scholar.


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Secured Image Steganography based on Catalan Transform
Secured Image Steganography based on Catalan Transform. It is accepted in Multimedia Tools and Applications, Springer. (21st Dec...

3 months ago | 2 downloads |



Exploiting Laguerre Transform in Image Steganography
New Steganography Algorithm developed using Laguerre Transform

3 months ago | 6 downloads |


How to make Laguerre Transform

7 months ago | 0

How to Use arrayfun with a Multivariate Function of n Variables?
You should make 3 different X arrays here X1, X2, X3 and then pass the 3 arrays in function 3 times to compute y 3 times.

9 months ago | 0

Inverse Laplace transform with Bessel function
You can find something from this link:"

9 months ago | 0

MATLAB code for a steganographic method based on integer wavelet transform and genetic algorithm
You can use integer transform based steganography

9 months ago | 0

Image Steganography using LSB?
% Clear the existing workspace clear all; % Clear the command window clc; % Read the input image input = imread('p...

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Image Steganography-using-Lah-Transform
Application of Lah transform for security and privacy of data through information hiding in telecommunication

11 months ago | 6 downloads |