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I am an Engineer at MathWorks.

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Trouble solving ODE equation
Hi, You can initiate solving this ODE by following this documentation from Symbolic Math Toolbox:

1 month ago | 0

unable to integrate acos(function)
Hi, As I can see you are approximating your function 'ZZXX_2_osc' over variable 'N' in taylor expansion, while the integration ...

3 months ago | 0

Obtaining mean and std from cfit object
Hi Neil, You can refer to this MATLAB Answer for your query.

3 months ago | 0

vpasolve returns emptyset for all variables, although a solution does exist (proof inside)
Hi, The reason why 'vpasolve' returns empty [0x1] structure is that it is not able to find any analytical solution for the syst...

3 months ago | 0

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how to write symoblic intergal equation with mutiple unknowns and solve it symbolically
Hi, The integrand is bit complex for the int() to compute closed form of an integral, which is the reason that it returns an un...

3 months ago | 0

normalisation and reverse process _Forecasting _mean standard deviation
Hi, As I can see you're trying to map z-score parameters of XTest to calculate inverse of normalized YPred. You may try the fol...

3 months ago | 0

normalising and reverse normalising data
Hi, Looks like you have used the wrong Process Settings in the variable 'YPred1'. As I can see you are using XTest as your inde...

3 months ago | 0

Is there a Matlab equivalent to the tsboot function in R?
Hi, For bootstraping Time series data in MATLAB, you can try using the function bootstrp(), which draws 'n' bootstrap samples a...

4 months ago | 0