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How to prepare input for the MUSIC DOA algorithm using real world audio signal (NOT simulation)
This might help you:

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Solid interface - contact between a gripper and an object
You might want to refer this file exchange: SCARA Manipulator - File Exchange - MATLAB Central ( The overall goa...

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how do i make a waveform plot from this data ?
MATLAB Onramp introduces how to “Visualize variables using MATLAB's plotting functions” in chapter ‘Plotting data’. To plot wav...

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How to get white background in image superimposition
You can try remove a background and then add white as background. Refer this documentation on image background color property: ...

2 months ago | 0

How to edit an entire column of a text file using MATLAB?
It is easier to edit files by code. So, if it is possible to hold a file in memory, you can load it to a MATLAB variable, make t...

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Changing the center of rotation of a 3D object
rotate(h,direction,alpha) -rotate object about specified origin and direction. rotate(...,origin) - specifies the origin of th...

2 months ago | 0

Adding transparency to a contour plot
mesh(___,Name,Value) specifies surface properties using one or more name-value pair arguments. For example, 'FaceAlpha',0.5 crea...

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Numerical integration of an ODE?
To be able to integrate 2nd Order ODE numerically you can use the following methods, based on your use case: If function f is t...

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Multiple linked callback functions
Using properties is the best way to share data within an app because properties are accessible to all functions and callbacks in...

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