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Creating a serialport as public variable
The issue is that your code is trying to validate the properties requiring them to be of the class next to them. When your app i...

6 months ago | 0

Import Data from html-built UI to Matlab
Hi Jovelyn, I can recommend you to go through this article that explains how the "Data" property in the uihtml component lets yo...

6 months ago | 0

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Matlab ignoring uihtml autofocus attribute in 2021b
One thing that you could do is to have an HTML event that requests focus on the input element whenever the startup function of t...

7 months ago | 0

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Fixing quirk in uihtml + JavaScript implementation of "command line" with command history
Hi! I am definitely not a JavaScript expert, but I can try to answer :P In your HTML script you are listening for the <input>...

9 months ago | 0

How to tell how an uieditfield was exited?
I might be wrong, but you could try getting the CurrentKey property of the figure function editFieldValueChangedCallback(src,...

1 year ago | 0

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ValueChangedFcn on uieditfield (uifigure based app)
Hi everyone I am trying to implement a search bar in a uifigure based app, for which I am using a uieditfield. The behaviour th...

1 year ago | 2 answers | 0