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How to include a directory along with subfolders in a including path of "code importer wizard"
Hi Leelakrishna, It is my understanding that you are using the Code Importer Wizard for importing the legacy code. Accordi...

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How I want to seperate the equation into Nw1a, Nw2a, Nw3a from NwA which Nw1a contains the variable q1(t),t and Nw2a contain variable q2(t),t and Nw3a contains variable q3(t)t
Hi Syazana, It is my understanding that you want to split an equation according to the following subexpressions. diff(q1(t)...

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Avoid code generation string.h or memcpy for typecast()
Hi Roman, It is my understanding that you are generating C code from MATLAB code that contains a “typecast” function. The...

17 days ago | 0

Read equations from MS Word
Hi Benjamin, According to my understanding, you are trying to do the following; Convert word document containing equation...

21 days ago | 1

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Simulink Kalman Filter Function for 2nd Order Systems
Hi Emir, I understand that you want to understand the Kalman filter better, and for that, you are implementing it. But it is...

1 month ago | 0

Using Sparse Matrix in Series Network
Hi Rachel, I understand that you want to work with a large dataset. To reduce the size of the dataset, you are converting it...

2 months ago | 0

Can I share my standalone desktop application to be used freely by end product users?
Hi Shahbazy, It is my understanding that you have built a standalone desktop application using MATLAB App Designer, and you w...

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Counting Sequence
Given a vector x, find the "counting sequence" y. A counting sequence is formed by "counting" the entries in a given sequence...

5 months ago


Times 2 - START HERE
Try out this test problem first. Given the variable x as your input, multiply it by two and put the result in y. Examples:...

5 months ago

How to pick elements of several arrays via assigned vector
Hi Warren! You can find the implementation of the func_pick function below: - func_pick.m function arr_o = func_pick(arr...

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Piecewise Iterated Function not looping all the way
Hi Brian! The execution time of below code increases exponentially with number of iterations, which might be the cause of yo...

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