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Adrien Leygue

CNRS / Ecole centrale Nantes

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Professional Interests: Complex Fluids, Material Science, Numerical Methods, Model Reduction


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Is it possible to solve FEM by Neural Network?
This kind of problem is typically the case where one would use model reduction techniques. I would refer you to methods such as ...

11 years ago | 2

Try this: A = rand(1,10); B = A(A<0.5); C = zeros(size(A)); mask = A<0.5; C(mask) = A(mask); I think this could provide so...

11 years ago | 0

Are iterative methods always better than direct methods for solving large linear systems?
From my personal experience, there is only one case where I have been able to outperform mldivide through the use of one of the ...

11 years ago | 1

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First the step in ode45 has little meaning since the method is adaptive and will choose the appropriate time step based on a pre...

12 years ago | 1

Find max of matrix without using built in function.
The following code will extract the minimum over each column. No loop no max no min and of course not optimal. Feel free to adap...

12 years ago | 0

Should I use object oriented programming in MATLAB?
I have recently had to rewrite 90% of our research code (model reduction) which had become too messy and too intricate to suppor...

12 years ago | 1

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