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How to avoid the prominent damping to output of "FIR Rate Conversion HDL Optimized".
It looks like FIR filter coefficients you are using have a passband gain of 0 dB of. As a result, the output of the block is bei...

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Input Sample rate of HDL LTE Cell Search module
The HDL code generated by the LTE HDL Cell Search model requires a clock rate of at least twice the input sampling rate. There...

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How does DA ignore zero valued coefficients?
Hi Tong, The filter output should not be affected by the fact that "DA ignores taps that have zero-valued coefficients and redu...

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How to model a system with independent clocks for HDL Code generation?
Hi Felix, Thanks for the info. There are two ways to achieve this. # Use a different rate in Simulink to represent each cl...

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About HDL Implementation of LTE OFDM Modulator and Detector Example
Changing the bandwidth setting has the effect of changing the number of resource blocks in the LTE resource grid and consequentl...

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