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Alexander Giles

University of Strathclyde

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I am 24 years old and doing a PhD in wind power systems at the University of Strathclyde.
Professional Interests: Wind, renewables, astronomy


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Simple unsteady vortex code to demonstrate wake rollup
2D unsteady aerodynamic code in which the aerofoil is represented by a single vortex

6 years ago | 8 downloads |


Simple panel method model for evaluating pressure distribution over symmetric NACA aerofoils
Constant strength doublet panel method for evaluating pressure distribution for symmetric NACA foils

6 years ago | 3 downloads |


Panel method for the simulation of the performance of a biplane
Doublet and source formulation (Dirichlet boundary condition)

6 years ago | 2 downloads |


Panel method for NACA XXXX aerofoils
Panel method using doublets and sources with the Dirichlet boundary condition

6 years ago | 11 downloads |