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O2 Sensor plant model development
Hi, I am developping O2 sensor simulink model which is used in gasolin engian. I am trying to prefilter input sensor data (AFR...

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How to get the specific column and row number?
hi, use function strcmp

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How do I set parameters for my graph?
Hi, you should use xlabel to set x axis text ylabel to set y axis text title to set title over the graph grid on to enable...

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what loop to use to make the code\input repeat again ?
Hi, Matlab support two types of loops, while and for. you can use any of them. for example using while loop n=input('Enter nu...

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Time scaling matlab code
Hi, please refer this corrected code I have added a new variable 'n' for the number of cycles required @ line number 14 and us...

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how to read text file and write same text file ?
Hi, You should try this code. The reading section will give you 'text_cell' as a cell array that contains all text data, each...

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