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Hellmut Kohlsdorf


Having worked for decades in the semiconductor and telecommunication industry I now do some consultancy work due to health problems. As a hobbyist I do build a sail boat model and use this project as a platform to develop skills that I later can use for consultancy projects, but also to deliver technical translations and to help if I work as a technical interpreter. I am acquiring Matlab Home edition to apply the "Design by Modelling" methodology for subprojects in my hobby. Right now I want to apply this methodology using Matlab/Simulink to design a sheet control system using a stepper motor. The goal is to understand all aspects of the project and it variables to achieve the most energy efficient possible implementation. I strongly believe that the methodology has a bright future. It is sad, that the development within Matlab/Simulink and the Toolboxes being fast, I do not have the possibility to upgrade!

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