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Please help me solve this four equations with methode newton-raphson urgent (i have MATLAB R2010a)
Your problem requires the output to be in a certain range: [0 2*pi] I suggest using fmincon. However, the your equations...

4 years ago | 1

ODE45 is not producing an output
It seems that you are working with a stiff system. In chemical engineering context, it means that very fast dynamics are coupled...

5 years ago | 1

How to judge the existence of a fzero equation?
We don't need to use 'fsolve' because your equation is a non-linear equation in single variable. So using 'fzero' would be suffi...

5 years ago | 0

How do I construct a GUI?
Hello: Constructing a GUI in MATLAB can be done with the help of 'GUIDE' which stands for Graphical User Interface Design Env...

5 years ago | 0


How can I integrate a set of ODEs given that my initial conditions also change (linearly) within the concerned time span?

5 years ago | 1 answer | 0




Some 'Live' Simulation
Contains Codes for simulating: Brownian Motion, Trajectory of a Projectile, Formation of Julia Sets

5 years ago | 1 download |


Smoker's Equation (Distillation)
Code for Smoker's Equation. Calculate Number of Theoretical Trays for Binary Distillation System.

5 years ago | 2 downloads |