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4DoF Single Track Vehicle Model (3DoF chassis + 1DoF tires)
The single track /non-linear/bicycle model. Discrete time model with euler forward integration. Can be compiled into RT code.

8 months ago | 9 downloads |


6 DoF Vehicle Model in Simulink
Model for yaw studies. Discrete-time model, euler-fwd integration. RT code compile-able. All-wheel steer-drive. 2015-20 Matlab c...

9 months ago | 23 downloads |



Steering wheel angle profile for NHTSA fishhook test
Steering wheel inputs for a standard FH test for your mathematical vehicle dynamics model for roll controller testing

1 year ago | 5 downloads |



LQR and Kalman filter for a Segway
Model based design of LQR control for a physics based segway model, Kalman filter based state estimation and hardware test based...

1 year ago | 4 downloads |