Wireless Testbench


Wireless Testbench

Test wideband wireless systems and perform spectrum monitoring

High-Speed Transmit and Capture

Perform full-rate (up to 250 Msps) data transmission and reception on supported SDR hardware using onboard memory. Analyze baseband signals in real time using optimized data I/O between MATLAB and SDR hardware.

USRP Hardware Support

Execute reference applications on FPGA within supported SDR hardware from Ettus Research™, an NI brand.

Preamble Detection

Detect signals using a preamble detector based on a programmable cross-correlator. Trigger the capture of signals of interest using thresholding. Deploy reference applications directly on FPGA.

Prebuilt Reference Applications

Execute reference applications to transmit, record, and analyze over-the-air signals in real time on FPGA. Monitor and visualize spectra in MATLAB.

Arbitrary Sample Rates

Choose arbitrary sample rates for all Wireless Testbench applications to work with custom and standards-based signals, including 5G, WLAN, and DVB-S2.

Simple Radio Set Up

Rapidly set up your wireless test environment by installing the Wireless Testbench support package for SDR hardware. Use the Radio Setup wizard to connect and configure your SDR hardware.

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