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How to change y-axis limit of a histogram

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I want to add a histogram to a GUI, but i have to keep it small, when i initiate it, it shows a value of 5000 on y axis whereas the frequency of pixels is less than 500 so i want to decrease it to clearly show the bars. So can anybody tell me on how to change y axis limit in imhist.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 3 Jun 2014
Take the log before you display it. Or suppress one of the bins by setting it to zero. You can change the limits with ylim
ylim([0 500]);
José-Luis on 30 Jun 2016
It would be easier to get an answer by asking a new question, instead of commenting on a two-year old post.
Seems like you might want something like:
R_size.YLim = [minim, maxim]
Brando Miranda
Brando Miranda on 26 Mar 2017
what if its a hist3 i.e. histogram in 2D

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jawad mansoor
jawad mansoor on 25 May 2014
ye le merey dost :P :D :)
ab khapa arrange ker k rakhi

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