Is it possible to use non-image data as inputs for the Deep Network Designer App?

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I have a 3xn vector of inputs that I would like to use with the Deep Network Designer app. However, it seems that the input layers are generally geared towards image classification. Is there a way to use the numerical data in matrix format as inputs?
Thank you.

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Ive J
Ive J on 26 Aug 2021
Technically yes you can, I assume something like this would work:
dlData = reshape(data', [1, 1, size(data, 2), size(data, 1)]);
then your layers would be something like:
layers = [imageInputLayer([1 1 size(data, 2)]);
% other layers
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Michael McGeehan
Michael McGeehan on 30 Aug 2021
Thanks for your response. The data options for the input layer require me to specify a folder with images. Is there any way around this?

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