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How to switch to visualize the output of FFT HDL Optimized in the frequency domain ?

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So i just implemented the FFT HDL Optimized and a peak finder with index in Simulink in order to generate HDL code.
When i simulated the model in Vivado, the peaks were detected and it went great, but the indices of the peaks were obviously not in Hz (not in the frequency domain). How do i transform the indices of the peaks to the frequency domain ? or how do i view it in the frequency domain ?

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Bharath Venkataraman
Bharath Venkataraman on 30 Aug 2021
If you did this in Simulink, you can send the output of the Simulink subsystem to the Spectrum Analyzer and do the analysis there.
Otherwise, you can capture the output from Vivado and then process it in MATLAB (again, using the Spectrum Analyzer).
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Youssef Abdelsalam
Youssef Abdelsalam on 31 Aug 2021
Yeah but the thing is, this needs to be implemented on an FPGA, i know there is an FPGA datacapture , but its not live, so how do i do it. isnt there some kind of formula if i know which index the peak is at, i could calculate the frequency interval where this peak is ?

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