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Matlab Implementation on Hardware Devices

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My question is quite basic to most appropriate levels on consideration. I lack the perception of how can I dump or implement my matlab code on a hardware component like processors or fpga? For eg:
Suppose I create an image processing matlab (object classification/detection) code which needs to detect real time images from drone and identify whether object is human or animal while its one air through the vision of camera, how shall I proceed to implement this matlab code onto a processor or controller and make it run while the drone is on air?
For consideration, take the matlab code is in its raw form for processing any input data and put out an output classified data. What should I do next? Do I need to convert the matlab code to any hdl or .exe format to run it across the hardware platform or is it possible to implement matlab code(.m format) directly into a device for processing and classification. Basically I am not getting how to practically use matlab code and put it into a system. Do I need to use some sort of toolbox or extension code ?
Could you please list down the steps for this process or share some link of website or youtube videos where it has been shown in detail how to harbour this mechanism.
Thank you

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Bharath Venkataraman
Bharath Venkataraman on 15 Sep 2021
Here is an example of how to go from MATLAB code to generating HDL code using Vision HDL Toolbox.
You can then use the Vision HDL Toolbox Support Package for Xilinx® Zynq®-Based Hardware to run this code on an FPGA board. More information is available here.
Sukshith Shetty
Sukshith Shetty on 15 Sep 2021
Hello Bharath Thank you for the information. I would also like to know how to run a matlab code in other Microcontrollers/Microprocessors etc,like for eg: Arduino, ARM/ATmega, raspberry or any other hardware platforms. Do each of these have separate toolbox for code conversion??
Bharath Venkataraman
Bharath Venkataraman on 15 Sep 2021
There are separate support packages for other targets, and they will require MATLAB Coder and/or Embedded Coder as well. A search for matlab with the appropriate target should return you the link for that particular target.

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