Activation Network Connection Failed in Hardware Setup

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I just wanted to port my matlab data into the ZYNQ board (ZC702, ZED board).
I installed all the Add on hardware support tools like HDL Coder, Embedded Coder and support package for ZYNQ.
After the installation, Just followed the instructions for hardware setup settings,
But while doing so, I couldn't be able to write the image into the SD card and it shows Activation of connection Failed.
There is some issue with the connection between ZYNQ board and the MATLAB develepment system.
I tried Connecting the system Ethernet Cable to LAN and the Board Ethernet cable to another LAN which are in series connection.
Also I tried connecting the board ethernet cable to the Computer using USB ethernet adapter dongle also, But both doesnt work.
Please help me in getting the network connection done.
Thanks in Advance.

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Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali on 31 Oct 2021
Contact with reproduction steps.

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