Multiple outputs from HDL block in simulink

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I want to take multiple outputs from one HDL block(in Simulink) simultaneously but it only has one output option port(I & Q) values as shown in the attached image.
Actually on the application side my target is zynq-706 and want to stream multiple Radio signals from FPGA(HDL block) simultaneously.But the block doesnt let me due to single output option.
Anybody having ideas or solutions are most welcome!!!!

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JT Ferrara
JT Ferrara on 1 Nov 2021
Hi Muhammad,
HDL Coder supports generating an IP core with multiple AXI4-Stream channels. There are two ways to generate such as IP core:
  1. Use generic IP core generation to generate just an IP core with multiple streaming channels, as described here:
  2. Use a reference design that is preconfigured with multiple streaming channels, as shown in this example:
Note that specific Simulink blocks or reference design may have their own constraints on the number of streaming channels. But in general, this is possible.
JT Ferrara
JT Ferrara on 2 Nov 2021
Hi Muhammad,
I suggest looking through these examples to help you get started on your design:
Many of the examples should support running on ZC706 with FMCOMMS3.

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Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali on 31 Oct 2021
Can you share your model? Thanks
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muhammad ahmad
muhammad ahmad on 1 Nov 2021
attached is the demodulator block for FM we need to pass out multiple channels(stations) out of the HDL block like this simoultaneously .how can we do this in simulink for zynq FPGA .
Thank You

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Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali on 1 Nov 2021
Edited: Kiran Kintali on 1 Nov 2021
Getting Started with AXI4-Stream Interface in Zynq Workflow
This example shows how to use the AXI4-Stream interface to enable high speed data transfer between the processor and FPGA on Zynq hardware
Your usecase seems different, but this example seems relevant for the topic
FM Broadcast Receiver
This example shows how to build an FM mono or stereo receiver using Simulink® and Communications Toolbox™. You can either use captured signals, or receive signals in real time using the RTL-SDR or ADALM-PLUTO.

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