How to measure the acceleration of sun gear in planetary gear system?

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道勇 朱
道勇 朱 on 18 Nov 2021
Commented: 道勇 朱 on 27 Nov 2021
I built the planetary gear train model using the official Simulink multibody document and the motor model as the power input. I want to measure the acceleration of the sun gear. I used the transform sensor module to measure the acceleration. The f end of the sensor is connected to the f end of the sun gear and the B end of the sensor is connected to the world, but the obtained data can not be FFT, I can't see any frequency characteristics of gear meshing in the spectrum. How can I measure the acceleration of the sun gear and how can I change the model diagram?
Is my measurement wrong? I hope you can help me,thank you very much

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 26 Nov 2021
Hi there - the constraints that define how the gears move with respect to each other are ideal. The effect of the teeth engaging and disengaging is not captured in this model. The Gear Constraint only defines the kinematics. You can see that the signal you are monitoring has a value of less than 3e-14.
If you want to model the effects of gear teeth meshing, you will need to model the contacts of the individual teeth. You can add this effect using Simscape mechanical elements.
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道勇 朱
道勇 朱 on 27 Nov 2021
Thank you for answering my question in your busy schedule. Thank you again. I want to ask you again. Do I need to re-establish a new model or add simspace mechanical elements on the basis of the original model? My model is a multi-body model imported through SolidWorks and has been used for a long time. I don't want to give up this model. How can I modify it based on the original model? Do you have any documents for reference?
best wishes

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