Assertion failed: B:\matlab\​src\cgir_h​dl\pir_tra​nsforms\Pr​epareForFu​nctionCall​Partition.​cpp:3092:d​ataType == t

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Adeel Jamal
Adeel Jamal on 24 Mar 2022
Answered: Kiran Kintali on 12 Apr 2022
I am using HDL workflow advisor to convert my subsystem to equivalent IP core. Upon resolving all the issues with settings, I finally get this message without any official documentation available for it. Could you please let me know which setting is currently wrong?
Failed Assertion failed: B:\matlab\src\cgir_hdl\pir_transforms\PrepareForFunctionCallPartition.cpp:3092:dataType == t
Assertion failed:
B:\matlab\src\cgir_hdl\pir_transforms\PrepareForFunctionCallPartition.cpp:3092:dataType == t
Error in slhdlcoder.HDLCoder/runPIRTransformAndCodegen
Error in slhdlcoder.HDLCoder/makehdl
Error in slhdlcoder.HDLCoder/makehdlturnkey
Error in downstream.DownstreamIntegrationDriver/runIPCoreCodeGen
Error in generateIPCore
Error in Simulink.ModelAdvisor/executeCheckCallbackFct
Error in Simulink.ModelAdvisor/run
Error in Simulink.ModelAdvisor/runCheck
Error in ModelAdvisor.Node/runTaskAdvisor
Error in ModelAdvisor.Node.runtohere>runToBreakpoint
Error in ModelAdvisor.Node.runtohere

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Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali on 12 Apr 2022
This is an unexpected error.
Can you reach out MathWorks support team with the reproduction steps for a resolution and a workaround?

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