Comparison two curves (functions)

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Moustafa Abedel Fattah
Moustafa Abedel Fattah on 14 May 2022
Answered: Star Strider on 14 May 2022
If the function g(z) gives the curve as shown in the figure how can I detect the fault tracepoint (green dash line) and its location on the x-axis as and put a slant line at the curve by Matlab
using the inverting point of the curve? please urgently I need an answer. Thanks in advance.
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dpb on 14 May 2022
The figure looks like they found the zero-crossing of the model

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Answers (1)

Star Strider
Star Strider on 14 May 2022
Use interp1
x = linspace(1, 20, 30);
y = tanh(x-12-rand)*2.5;
x0 = interp1(y,x,0)
x0 = 12.7191
plot(x,y, x0,0,'+r', 'MarkerSize',15)
ylim([-3 3])


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