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Plot strings on y axis

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Takis Akis
Takis Akis on 6 Jun 2022
Answered: dpb on 6 Jun 2022
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Cheers, I have a quantized signal that I want to encode and then plot. For example, if I have L = 8 levels of quantization (so I can use 2^3 = 8, so 3 bits for every level) , I want to be able to make a mapping of this sort: if I am at the first level the encoded code is "000", the second level is "001" and so one, up to level 8 where the output is "111". Then I want to be able to plot that. An example I have is here:
Here the signal I am encoding is a simple cosine sampled from 0 to 1 with step 0.01.
What I am thinking is that I should plot the strings on the "y-axis", but I don't know how I go about this. Any help? Thanks

Answers (2)

Voss on 6 Jun 2022
plot((1:15)/15,[7:-1:0 1:7]) % some plot
set(gca(),'YTick',0:7,'YTickLabels',dec2bin(0:7,3)) % set the yticks and labels

dpb on 6 Jun 2022
This is the identical Q? including the example answered at <how-to-plot-each-row-of-a-mxn-array-as-one-value?>
Apparently, a homework problem somewhere...

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