Parallelise data coming out of RAM Simulink

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I am writing data words into a RAM. The data words are 128-bits long. What I want to do is to wait until 512 data words have been read out and then send these onto a Matlab function block which is do some processing of the 512-element wide array.
I thought about using the deserialiser block, however the deserialiser block with a rate transition is not being able to be generated into HDL code (as the HDLcoder tool gets stuck and Matlab freezes). Is there are way to do this in a more simple fashion?
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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson on 14 Jul 2022
Can you post the Simulink model files instead just the picture?

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Bharath Venkataraman
Bharath Venkataraman on 14 Jul 2022
What kind of processing do you want to do on the 512-element array? For an HDL implementation, it makes sense to work on a single word at a time rather than the entire array. So you want to make your algorithm working on the streaming 128-bit word input instead of expecting to have access to all 512 elements.


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