License problem with a Linux virtual machine

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Edden M. Gerber
Edden M. Gerber on 8 Feb 2015
Answered: Ori on 26 Jul 2015
I've successfully installed Matlab on a VMWare Linux Virtual Machine, but I haven't been able to run the license script. At the end of the installation, I'm instructed to run the lmstart script, but it produces the following error:
The following lines in your license file were treated as comments . . .
Check that you do not have license lines split incorrectly across more
than one line.
line# line
2 MATLAB license passcode file for use with FLEXlm.
Checking license file for local hostname and local hostid . . .
ping: unknown host NinasLinuxBox
Error: Your host does not match any SERVER line in your license
file. Your local lmhostid(s) are:
Your hostname is: NinasLinuxBox
The SERVER line(s) are:
SERVER 000C29C81474 27000
Please stop, fix the problem, and try again . . .
Where NinasLinuxBox is the name of the virtual machine, and is my university's license server.
Seems to me that the fact that the OS is hosted on another machine creates a problem in locating the license server. What can be done about this? Thanks Edden
  • The contents of the file referred to in the first part of the error is:
DAEMON MLM "/usr/local/MATLAB/R2014b/etc/MLM"
MATLAB license passcode file for use with FLEXlm.
# LicenseNo: 671014 HostID: 000C29C81474
SERVER 000C29C81474 27000

Answers (1)

Ori on 26 Jul 2015
Hi Edden.
I suggest trying:
1. Type in the IP instead of the FQDN (
2. Try only using these lines, without comments:
SERVER matlic_ip 000C29C81474 27000
Good luck,
Ori Kaplan

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