How do I convert a specific string to a date ?

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Hi everyone,
I have acceleration measurements that were collected via a tag.
The time is recorded as '22-07-04T013:09:42Z' (it is exactly written like that in my data).
Do you know how I can convert this type of string into a date? And if it possible, select only the time which here would be '13:09:42' ?
I tried datetime and datenum functions but I guess the specific format makes it more complicated.
Marine Pery
Marine Pery on 29 Jul 2022
Yes I know it is odd but I can't do anything about it unfortunately…

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Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 29 Jul 2022
Note the Comment by @Stephen23.
That aside, try this—
DT = datetime('22-07-04T013:09:42Z', 'InputFormat','dd-MM-yy''T''HHH:mm:ss''Z''', 'TimeZone','UTC') % Convert To 'datetime'
DT = datetime
22-Jul-2004 13:09:42
DT.Format = 'HH:mm:ss' % Select Only Time Time
DT = datetime
Here, datetime does not have problems with three-digit hours, providing that the first digit is a 0. I have no idea what it would do otherwise.
Star Strider
Star Strider on 29 Jul 2022
My pleasure!
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@Stephen23 — Thank you!

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