Can I share my standalone desktop application to be used freely by end product users?

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Dear Matlab developers,
I have developed a GUI application by the app designer and deployed as a standalone desktop application to be installed and used by the product end-users. I want to share this package (only *exe file to be executable and installed and not source files) via GitHub to anyone (public sharing) as I am going to submit this tool as a paper to a prestgious journal for peer-reviewing. I have used an academic license. The end users only installs this alongside Runtime version on their personal computers.
Is it possible? Please confirm.
***Note: I don't want to use this for commercial aims, then no sell, just want to share my tool for research aims.
Kind regards,

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 10 Aug 2022
No, with the Academic license, you can share the executable "for internal purposes" within your organization, or with your research collaborators, but you cannot make it public.
There might potentially be work-arounds such as having a form to be filled out certifying that the person is student or works for a university as academic staff... but you probably could not use that license to make the executable available to commercial scientists.
You should talk to Mathworks to clarify the boundaries.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 11 Aug 2022
What I think is what I posted already above, that what you want to do is not permitted by the license terms of Academic licenses.
However, I do not work for Mathworks, and what they think has been known to be different from what is written in the license agreement -- and they sometimes grant exceptions.
The restriction is with regards to public access to executables compiled using an Academic license. There is no restriction on distributing source code that you have written. And as I mentioned above about forms, if the user has to apply for access and you only grant access to "collaborators" in the field then I think that would be covered by an Academic license. (That might mean, for example, seldom granting access to undergraduate students, as they are not typically in a position to be considered "collaborators" to your work.)
You need to talk to Mathworks about this.

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Shivam Malviya
Shivam Malviya on 10 Aug 2022
Hi Shahbazy,
It is my understanding that you have built a standalone desktop application using MATLAB App Designer, and you want to share it with others.
Please refer to the following links;
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 10 Aug 2022
Those links are both more emphasis on selling rather than giving away as the user asks.
As the person who contributed most of the substantive discussion to those two links... see my Answer here for the case of giving away executables with an academic license.

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