Sending waveform specifications from matlab to fpga

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Hi, I would like to ask your opinion for a project. I have a matlap application which generates MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) sequence waveforms, which has been developed according to open source matlab toolbox Pulseq, a toolbox that specially been developed for writing MR sequences. This application interface generates a .txt file that includes waveform specifications. Is it possible to read the text file using the fpga, and generate the waveforms inside the fpga using these specifications ? And also is it possible to send these specifications directly to the fpga without need of the text file ? I mean can we send the specifications like after pressing a button from the interface and directly send it to fpga. Or do you have any suggestions ? Waveforms must be generated from the interface because its based on Pulseq so I guess we can not use the HDL coder to generate them. I hope I explained my question clearly. Thank you.

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Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali on 10 Oct 2023
Please reach out to tech support or share a sample testbench (that generates the MRI waveform) and design (intended for FPGA) for additional guidance.
The above examples shows how you can stream data or write registers into the FPGA using a MATLAB testbench. Let us know if this address your usecase.


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