Unable to Connect MATLAB/Simulink to ROS

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I am trying to deploy my simulink model on ROS of my linux system. But despite it is pining, it is not establising connection to ROS. I request to help me as soon as possible. I installed ssh server and disable firewall as well. I am attaching the pic rosinit output.
Shivam Bajpai
Shivam Bajpai on 4 Nov 2022
Both of them are connected to same wifi network as well.
Jagadeesh Konakalla
Jagadeesh Konakalla on 4 Nov 2022
Hi Shivam,
Can you run the following command in MATLAB and Share the generated file with me ?
>> ros.internal.generateSupportFile
Jagadeesh K.

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Accepted Answer

Shivam Bajpai
Shivam Bajpai on 4 Nov 2022
I have attached the file, since I am not in my lab, so the IP address of my Linux in VMware is '' and IP address of windows is in the file.
Thank you
Jagadeesh Konakalla
Jagadeesh Konakalla on 14 Nov 2022
This looks like this is different issue. I have already seen that you started a new post on this issue. Please use that. One our collegue will take a look at it and reply to you. You can add this snapshot also there.
Shivam Bajpai
Shivam Bajpai on 14 Nov 2022
Thank you so much, Jagadeesh Sir...

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Shivam Bajpai
Shivam Bajpai on 4 Nov 2022
On page 7, I don't know what it is but there is mentioned my VMware Linux's IP address along with MATLAB. 2 days ago, it got connected once on that ip address. I am attaching the picture of it as well, the underlined is of LINUX's IP address.


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