What are the graphics drivers with known issues?

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The help on "Resolving Low-Level Graphics Issues" (in R2021b; I assume later versions as well) states that "MATLAB automatically switches to a software implementation:" (which mine just did) when, among others, "... you are using a graphics driver with known issues ...". Where is the list or database with those "known issues" so that I can check my graphics hardware and driver against it? If there isn't such a list, how are these issues 'known'?

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 17 Nov 2022
I have never seen such a list, or have ever seen this issue being mentioned here previously. Someone from MathWorks needs to post on this.
The rendererinfo function is the only way I am aware of to determine any of those properties.
There have been problems in the past with certain AMD drivers that would result in legend objects not being displayed properly. AMD fixed these problems a few years ago and they have not recurred.
I keep my graphics drivers updated regularly. There are links in that documentation page to sites that have resources for various graphics hardware manufacturers. (AMD has one that will detect the installed AMD hardware and choose the correct driver.)
If in doubt, update the drivers.

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