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How to make the model not jump away when the floor-feet contact is established ?

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Hi there,
i am working on a quadruped robot that has to walk on the floor with simscape multibody. After the walking code via inverse kinematics has been created and using the spatial force contact block to establish the ground-feet contact, when the simulation is run the model jumpes away, even when the damping and stiffness are increased (see attached file). Why is it working like that? How can i make the robot walk smoothly without flying away?
Thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 25 Nov 2022
Hi Nayla - there are two changes you should make to your model to make it work. I have have made the changes and attached it here.
  1. The joint angle inputs should only be provided as a single input signal, not three values. If you provide three values, they must be exactly consistent position, velocity, and acceleration. I have changed the model so that only the position is provided, velocity and acceleration are calculated.
  2. Change to a variable step solver.
This is an example of the area that needs to be changed.
Here is an animation of your robot walking.
Nayla on 25 Mar 2023
@Steve Miller, hi again.
how can i increase the speed of the walking? i tried it by setting a value in the "revolute joint block" > Specify Velocity Target, but there is no change in the walking speed/ torque.
thanks in advance!

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Miadjolbe on 15 Jul 2024 at 20:52
Salut! C'est modèle de robot est -il équipe d'un capteur IMU MPU6050 afin de voir les mouvement suivent Pitch, Roll et Yaw? Je cherche un modèle de robot quadrupède spider comme beaucoup le font avec arduino pour MATLAB et son modèle Simulink mais c'est impossible d'en trouver là. Si quelqu'un peut m'aide. Merci d'avance...




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