Vector in a Matrix 2x2, calculate the length of the vector

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%Hello Matlab friends
%I would like to calculate the length aut of a 2x2 Matrix. A=[0 0;12 12]; two points x0/y0 and x12/y12.
A=[0 0;12 12]
l= sqrt((A(2,1)-A(1,1))^2+(A(2,2)-A(1,2))^2);
%i am happy for every help, thank you
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Torsten on 2 Dec 2022
Edited: Torsten on 2 Dec 2022
Your code is correct. Or what was your question ?
An alternative code:
A=[0 0;12 12];
l = norm(A(1,:)-A(2,:))
l = 16.9706

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 2 Dec 2022
If I understand your question correctly I think what you want is the vecnorm function.
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Manuel on 3 Dec 2022
Moved: Voss on 3 Dec 2022
%Thanks for you immediate help!
%i have one more question, how can i shorten a Vector how is not in the origin. Again two Points and the first Point should remain on its place.
B=[9 0; 4.5 8 ]; two Points x9/y0 and x4.5/y8. I would like to shorten the vector. But the first Point should stay where it is. i tryied as followed:
v=[B (:,1);B(:,2)*1/3]
V=[B (1,1:2);B(2,1:2)*1/3];
s=B (:,1); first point
t= B(:,2)*1/3; %second point shortened by 1/3
u= [s; t];
%Thank you in advance!

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