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How to use the first output of a matlab function as the input for the revolute joint?

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Hi there,
i would like to use the first output of the matlab function as the input for the revolute joint, on the model in the attached .slx file. I would like to use the 1st. input of the function for the State Targets > Specify Position Target > Priority(High) > Value, to set the initial angular value. How can i achieve that?
Thanks in advance.

Answers (1)

Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 12 Feb 2023
Hi Nayla - the value for initial position state target needs to be a hard coded value or a MATLAB variable. It cannot be set by another block in your model. That initial value specifies the requested initial angle of that joint, but that needs to be checked against other states in the mechanism to ensure that angle can be achieved.
If you can use your MATLAB function to calculate that angle outside of the simulation and then enter that value as the target, then you have that function calculate the initial target value.




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